About Rhoda Nyakio - 2019

My name is Rhoda Nyakio. I am 17 years old. My hobby is dancing. My goal is to be a lecturer or an accountant. I work hard to achieve my goals

I met Pastor Boaz in Nairobi. I was a student in Calvary Academy School. We presented songs and dancing to our visitors. After that, I went and sat down under a small tree and was lonely. It was at lunch time where I did not eat because of many things going on around me. It was just one month after I left from my grandparents’ house. I was to be poisoned by my grandmother, but my grandfather was poisoned on my behalf.

When Pastor Boaz saw me lonely, he came and asked what was wrong. It was difficult to narrate the whole story. That’s where he took me out of that place because I was in danger. I saw the hand of the God.

It was God’s miracle to see Boaz’s tribe and my tribe getting along.

If you want to see God, it is to see me living with Pastor Boaz.