Caroline Ayieko - 2019

About Caroline Ayieko - 2019

I am Caroline Ayieko and am seventeen years old. I am in grade ten. My hobby is volleyball, and I would like to be a nurse in my future. I am born again, and I love Jesus as my personal Saviour.

I met Pastor Boaz when I was in grade two. I met him in our church when he came to spread the Word of God. I was unable to go to school because I was having nobody to pay my school fee, since I lost my father. I found out about him when I had heard a story about Pastor Boaz from my neighbors who knows him better. So when I saw him in our church and we sat down and talked at length, I asked if he can support me in my academics to achieve my dreams. I found them, and I talked to them, and they agreed to support me.

It has been a blessing to me since I met Pastor Boaz. I would like to thank the Almighty Lord who has enabled Pastor Boaz to support me and my family. May God bless him abundantly in his life.