Peter Abungah - 2019

About Peter Abungah - 2019

My name is Peter Abungah. My hobby is playing volleyball. After my education, I would like to be a businessman. I am in grade 12 (19 years old) and am supposed to graduate from high school this year and join university next year in 2020.
I met Pastor Boaz Ondigoh in 2008 when I was in grade 2 after the death of my beloved parents who passed away after involving themselves in a tragic accident on their way from my grandfather’s burial ceremony. This incident made me not to be on the safe side, as I could not manage to get to school and get something to eat.
After one month on a given Sunday, I counted myself lucky to meet Boaz in a certain crusade preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The church member narrated my story to him, and he decided to take me as his true son. In Pastor Boaz’s home I was shocked that they all depended on him and his wife Mama Hellen Ondigoh. I tell you up to this time what I am feeling about myself at home with Boaz and Mama Hellen because they are providing everything for me. Thank you.